In addition to our traditional catalog, we offer products sold as private sales, that can be seen in the category „private sales“ or in the newsletters. These are products that we buy from our suppliers after we sold them to our customers. We can propose these products at very low prices because we buy them in bigger quantities.

Information regarding shipping:

An average waiting time of 25 to 30 working day is to be foreseen between the moment when you confirm the order and when your parcel leaves our warehouse. For certain products, as DT Swiss wheels, a waiting time of a few weeks can be indicated in the product description or in the newsletter mentioning the promotion.

The announced waiting time can vary and can be short or longer depending on the supplier. The waiting time can be 2 months or even more, as for the DT Swiss wheels, for instance. In these cases, we will inform you by e-mail. You’ll have the possibility to ask for a refund if the announced delay is too long, just by sending us an e-mail at We will then refund your order.

As soon as your order has been prepared in our logistics center, you will receive an automatic e-mail. When your order is shipped you’ll be able to see the information regarding the shipping in your personal account:

- The tracking number of the order

- The period concerning the delivery date of your parcel

- The shipping date of your parcel (visible when the order leaves our warehouse)

The waiting time for the delivery to your address or close to your address depending on the shipping option chosen generally varies from 2 to 5 working days after your parcel was shipped for Colissimo, and 6 to 8 working days with Mondial Relay.

It is possible that we ship your order from a different location, as we have warehouses in Luxemburg, Spain and France. In certain cases, it might happen that the actual shipping company differs from the one that had been chosen (DHL instead of UPS for instance). Basing on our experience, all shipping companies are equally valid, therefore we will not refund any shipping costs. However, the shipping method will not change: door-to-door if you chose shipping to your home address, or to a pick-up service if you decided to pick up your parcel somewhere else.

Products conformity:

As RCZ cannot see the products before proposing them to our clients, it is possible that the product shipped by our supplier is not conform to the product originally sold or even that our supplier does not deliver anything at all (but, in 95% of the time, the product is shipped and is conform).

In this case, RCZ commits to contact the acquirer via e-mail and to propose:

- Either to send the product after his consent

- Or to refund the product.

If the product is not delivered, RCZ will refund the product without even asking for the customer’s consent, although still contacting him. The customer will receive some loyalty points. Although we take great care when choosing the products we purchase, we cannot verify their conformity before receiving them. This is why in some occasions an order is refunded 1 or 2 months after the sale.

Please be aware that private sales are great deals, but it is possible that our suppliers do not deliver the right product or do not deliver anything. In this case, you’ll receive a refund.