Secure payment

Dear customers,

You can pay for your orders by credit card, Paypal and bank transfer.

The 2 methods of payment credit card and Paypal all go through the Paypal platform (even if you do not have a Paypal account) To order by credit card from Paypal, we invite you to choose the option "Paypal", then "I do not have a Paypal account". A classic card form will appear and you can order safely.

This allows us to offer you 100% secure payment methods.

Note: For all new customers with an order value over 500 euros and ordering by credit card, we block the order and request a copy of the identity card, as well as a proof of residence. Indeed, in the past, we have had many credit card frauds, and we are obliged to apply additional control. If we do not receive these documents, the order will be cancelled and refunded.


For most orders with discount codes, we do not accept payment by bank transfer.  Indeed, only 30% of the orders by bank transfer are actually paid. This blocks products for many days and other customers cannot benefit from promotions that are limited in time. If you do not have a credit card, please open a Paypal account and pay by Paypal.

If you encounter a problem during the payment phase, we invite you to send us an email at Our team will be at your service to help you finalize your payment.

The RCZ team