We have 2 warehouses: in yellow warehouse 1; in green warehouse 2.
We cannot mix products from warehouse 1 and warehouse 2 in the same order.

Important to read:

RCZ is not a shop like the others, and we thought it is important to explain our commercial philosophy, so that you cannot be perturbed by some characteristics of our shop. We invite you to take your time to read this text cautiously before making an order at RCZ. First of all, we are not a private shop, nor an online shop like the others. Our main objective is to propose the best prices in Europe, if not worldwide, on products that can be relatively old. We have very limited availability of current product lines, but we are working to offer products that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Here are a few key words that define RCZ:

1. DELIVERY TIME: the majority of our products are sold through private sales, therefore the waiting time is generally one month (but up to two months depending on the supplier. On some products (for some wheels), the waiting time can be as long as 4/5 months. In addition, you might have to wait a few days between the moment when you make the order and when this is sent. This is because shipping is done by another company. In conclusion, even if we do our best to send out your order quickly, It might be that certain order get shipped slowly and that the announced delivery times end up by being longer than expected.

2. RESTRICTIVE CODE: we sell more and more products with a restrictive code, which means that you are only allowed to buy the product of the voucher code and nothing else. This enables a better preparation of the orders and faster shipping.

3. CUSTOMER SERVICE: we have a customer service, but it is less performant and slower than in other online shops. As a result, you need to wait about 24 hours for a reply, and up to 72 hours on the weekends. For technical questions, we have a technician, but it is possible that we do not have an answer to all your questions, so before you contact us, please look for your answer in forums and on official websites. For warranty claims, there is no problem as we work together with all the customer services of major brands.

4. REDUCED CHOICE: in order to develop the concept of private sales, and to become a shop that only sells items on private sales, we reduce the products we have on our website. The choice you will have is reduced and RCZ will have a little number of products available. 5. SHIPPING COSTS: we have shipping fees, as unfortunately we are obliged to have you pay those, since our margins are very little (due to the low price), we do not have the means to offer free shipping. In conclusion, traditional shops (and online shops) offer you advice, different services and maybe even the fitting of your components. We do not offer this, or at least in a very limited way. If you accept our philosophy, we will for sure make great deals together. But if you expect to receive the same service than the one of other players in the world of cycling, you might be disappointed. See you soon!

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