PRINCETON TEC Swerve Led Rear Flasher


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PRINCETON TEC Swerve Led Rear Flasher
A superior tail light for your bike.
A combination of a diffused lens and a collimated focused lens creates a very bright 180° beam pattern
Alternates between a wider beam and a narrow beam.
Because the eye must juggle these two beams it doesn't get a chance to relax, and the resulting is a very high level of visibilit.
The switch extends beyond the perimeter of the light and allows for easy operation while riding.
It is on a pivot - the middle is the off position.
The Swerve has as many mounting options as possible - handle bar, seat post, seat stay and fork mounts are included.
And the built-in clip allows for attachment to your helmet, pack or messenger bag.
LAMP : 2 Half Watt Maxbright LEDs
BURN TIME : 70 Hours



Brand Ei
Weight 81 g
Loyalty points 5
Angle Ei
Capacity Ei
Diameter Ei
Koko Ei
Bar diameter Ei
Disc type Ei
Wheel type Ei
Wheel axle Ei
Steerer tube diameter Ei
Width Ei
Valve type Ei
Length Ei
Cage length Ei
Arms length Ei
Material Ei
Tray Ei
Height Ei
Dimensions Ei
Teeth Ei
Rise Ei
Fitting type Ei
Fixation Ei
Brakes fixation Ei
Setback Ei
Järjestelmä Ei
Pull Ei
Speeds Ei
Tyre Type Ei
Bead Ei
LED color RED
Light position REAR
Travel Ei
Fork type ei saatavilla