ERGON 2015 Gloves HC2 Grey - M (ER 224.GRA.M)


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ERGON 2015 Pair of Gloves HC2 The new long fingered glove, especially designed for use with the Performance Comfort series of grips. Robust mesh material for ventilation of the back of the hand. The thinly padded palm and fingers allows for increased feel and the benefits of Ergon grips not to be restricted. The ball of the hand has a slight increase in cushioning material for better pressure relief of this sensitive area. The fingers are slightly bent, even before the glove is put on, as on the bike the hand is usually closed. Through the clever placement of seams, they cannot be felt when wearing the glove.



Color GREY
Weight Ei
Loyalty points 5
Angle Ei
Capacity Ei
Diameter Ei
Koko Ei
Bar diameter Ei
Disc type Ei
Wheel type Ei
Wheel axle Ei
Steerer tube diameter Ei
Width Ei
Valve type Ei
Length Ei
Cage length Ei
Arms length Ei
Material Ei
Tray Ei
Height Ei
Dimensions Ei
Teeth Ei
Rise Ei
Fitting type Ei
Fixation Ei
Brakes fixation Ei
Setback Ei
Järjestelmä Ei
Pull Ei
Speeds Ei
Tyre Type Ei
Bead Ei
LED color Ei
Light position Ei
Travel Ei
Fork type Ei