RCZ Bike Shop is convinced that its customers are the best ambassadors! This is the reason why we have decided to create a sponsoring programme.

Gain 250 loyalty points at the first order to each of your friends!

Sponsoring instructions :

The membership to the sponsoring programme is fully free of charge. It is opened to all RCZ Bike Shop customers.

The sponsor may have several friends but he can’t perform self-sponsoring, sponsor a RCZ Bike Shop user or sponsor several times the same person. Members of a same household (same address) can’t sponsor each other.

The sponsor account is credited by 250 points at the first order of its friend. The sponsor will be able to follow its friends in the heading « My account » and thus check if its friends have been registered and have made their first order.

A friend can in turn become a sponsor.

RCZ Bike Shop reserves the right to modify all or part of rules governing the sponsoring policy at any time without engaging its responsibility.