PEDRO'S Madame Mini Pump (6450540)


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PEDRO'S Madame Mini Pump  (6450540)

The madame mini pump is unique with the ability to pump up to 11 Bar. This is achieved by a patented technique called multi chamber double action. For instance, 7 Bar only require 5 kilo of hand pressure, which is far less than other mini pumps. With this pump it is now possible to perform a road side repair and continue with full pressure in their tires. A pressure gauge is fitted on the pump cylinder for an approximate measure of the tire pressure.

The pump is compact, short but a bit wider than the smallest mini pumps in the market due to the multi chamber design - but you get a lot of performance for the extra width.


The head can be turned for Presta and Schrader valves and the pump comes with frame fitting strap.





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