PEDRO'S Lubricant CHAINJ 5ml (6110031EDN-SAMPLE)

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PEDRO'S Lubricant CHAINJ 5ml (6110031EDN-SAMPLE)


PEDRO'S Lubricant CHAINJ 5ml (6110031EDN-SAMPLE)

Chainj has been designed to provide excellent protection against wear and lubrication under heavy load with increased performance in wet conditions, reducing wear on the drive system components, ensuring low friction and high performance. Vegetable oil is not only durable, but also is ionically bonded with metal surfaces, creating a resilient protective barrier, providing greater durability and increased anti-wear properties. In addition, Chainj has cleaning properties that actively dissolve and isolate dirt while driving. CHAINJ oil is a fantastic chain lubricant with many properties that makes it a good general-purpose lubricant.

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