ERGON Pair Grips GA2 Laser Lemon

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ERGON Pair Grips GA2 Laser Lemon


ERGON Pair Grips GA2 Laser Lemon

The GA2 has a superb tactile feel thanks to the new super soft, UV stable rubber compound, which is exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany for Ergon. This translates on demanding trials into more control. The ergonomic optimised form allows reduced force to be used when gripping, as the grip zones are matched to the hand. The inner construction varies in thickness to allow greater damping. The inboard clamp allows even more grip area at the end of the bars, and is completely secure and carbon bar friendly.

Maximum Grip – Texture is orientated against the rotation of the hand.

Improved pressure distribution in thumb area.

A specifically designed cut-out in the core allow increased damping under the hand.

Extra damping in external grip zones.

Specially textured for increased traction.

Aluminium inner clamp

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Длина цепи Нет
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