KNOG 2015 Light Blinder 1 Twinpack Front/Rear Standard Silver (11308)(KN118.SIL.STD)


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KNOG 2015 Blinder Light 1 Twinpack Pack of front and rear Knog Blinder 1 light Standard. His hi-tech gear, all that high-powered surface-mount LED and the lithium polymer with its inbuilt USB recharge is held in sweetly by a flexible silicone strap and clip. And as a cruiser he has a tool-less attachment for handlebars and frames of 22-32mm. Visible at over 500 metres, the Blinder 1 has the added advantage of being able to shift his looks. 5 light modes: Steady, Fast Flash, Organic Flash 1, Organic Flash 2, Eco-flash. Burn time of over 2-hours in constant and up to 11-hours eco-flash mode. Designed to be exposed to the elements, the plug is also waterproof and will not be damaged by expsure.

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Brand KNOG
Peso 30 g
Loyalty points 5
Dimensions 25 x 25 x 33mm