FULCRUM 011 Wheelset Red Metal 3 - CENTERLOCK - Axle 9mm - Black


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FULCRUM 011 Wheelset Red Metal 3
Versatile, sturdy, responsive: this is a well-balanced wheel for all types of terrain
For Cross-Country/All Mountain use
Lighter rim and spokes, an oversized hub
An aggressive and attractive design
They employ variable-section stainless steel spokes in the 2:1 Two-to-One™ assembly configuration on both wheels
With 16 elements on the sprocket set side of the rear wheel and on the disc side of the front, and 8 on the opposite side
Aluminium hubs front and rear
Front: Axle 9mm, Rear : Axle 9mm
Quick releases not included

Información adicional

Información adicional

Unidad de mantenimiento de existencias (SKU) 11FULWHREDMETAL3BKCL
Color Negro
Peso 1685 g
Loyalty points 5
Diameter 26"
Wheel type Pair
Wheel axle 9mm
Fixation Centerlock
Speeds 9/10
Fork type N/D